Accurate * Prompt * Actionable

small business accounting

Have your financial records accurately maintained, compiled promptly and analyzed.


About your accountant

I am Rob Compfort and I have been doing books for small businesses for 30 years while helping small businesses grow into big ones.

I charge based on transactions. You will get an accurate estimate of your cost after I look at a few month's transactions. For example, if you write 50 checks and make 50 deposits, your bookkeeping bill for a month will be approximately $50. Fifty cents for the first 100 entries; $.35 thereafter.

Guaranteed Fast Delivery

You will get my D5 guarantee. After we discuss your needs and have a look at your transactions, I will guarantee to have your monthly financial reports ready by the fifth day of the following month. Often sooner. If you grant permission to access your account online, I will issue you a D1 guarantee. That's a complete monthly set of reports delivered to you one day after the end of the month!

Experienced Consulatations

You will get analyses based on accurate measurement of your transactions. After 30 years I can spot trends and anomolies and you will know about them pronto. As a business owner, you want actionable data and you want it asap.

Your regular monthly package includes a year-over-year report. How are you doing compared to this time last year? What's causing the changes?

And you get a report comparing actual numbers to your budget.

Get Caught Up and Stay Current

Are you behind on your taxes or other official reporting requirements? Let's get you caught up.

Here's What You Get

Profit and loss
Balance sheet
Cash flow
Accounts receivable
Accounts payable
Rolling P&L for 13 months or for whatever period you want to see
Budgets and budget comparison
Other reports as needed

As Fast as Day One

Daily general ledger balancing if you give me online access to your account. This access will also get you a full monthly report one day (D1) after the last day of the month.

Ask Me Anything!

You can get a free consultation and estimate by filling out the form on the right or just calling me at 727-410-4416