Bookkeeping and Accounting Services in the Tampa Bay Area

Backed by 30 years experience, Mirus delivers small business bookkeeping and accounting services to owners and managers in the Tampa-St. Petersburg-Clearwater area.

Business Oversight

Like a commander on a battle field, business owners need strategic oversight to succeed.
Mirus has spent three decades delivering bookkeeping and accounting servies to clients. We do it in a quick, friendly manner and charge a simple per transaction fee that is very manageable and free of surprises.

Tax Planning

Mishandled tax liabilities are a major cause of sleepless nights, expensive penalties and failure. Mirus will answer your tax questions, organize your tax liability structure and prepare tax returns.

Good bookkeeping and accounting practice pays for itself

Correct timely financial information keeps managers in shape to make the best decisions.
Taxes are easy to prepare because the recorded financial data is up to date.
Need a loan? You won't have to turn your office upside down to prepare. Your financials will be up to date. Same with vendor credit applications.

Cash Management

Cash is the lifeblood of any enterprise. Knowing what's coming in and when, what's going out and when are critical intelligence for the small business person.

Credit Management

How much can I borrow? How fast can I pay it back? When are my loans sound business investments and when are they speculative?



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